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Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation is an evaluation process, in which the technology, business values and marketability of intangible technology is reviewed, and the value, grade, scores of and opinions about such technology are given.

Purpose of Technology Evaluation

Technology Transaction & Licensing

  • Evaluation to calculate transaction price for technology transactions
  • Evaluation to calculate loyalties for IP licensing

Contribution & Liquidation

  • Calculation of the amount of investment in kind during establishment of a joint venture or investment in a venture company
  • Calculation of the amount of contribution for transfer of employee owned technologies to corporation
  • Calculation of the value of technologies owned by a company in case of its liquidation

Investment Reference

  • Calculation of value of security of a technology
  • Evaluation for transfer or taking over of a technology-related business
  • Feasibility study for commercialization of new technology
  • Investment or loan of business funds

Calculation of Damages

  • Calculation of damages incurred by infringement of patent rights


  • Calculation of compensation for work for hire inventions

Scope of

  • Evaluation of Technologies
  • Consulting on technology evaluation
  • Training in technology evaluation