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Sustainable Management is the key objective for business management nowadays. And at the core of sustainable management lies Intellectual Property (IP). IP is no longer just a tool for generating profits but it serves as a beating heart of a company.

In order to make strategic use of IP, one should be able to evaluate the present and future value of IP, transfer or acquire IP with other companies and strategically manage the IP portfolio to maximum capacity.

BAE, KIM & LEE IP Consulting was established to satisfy such needs. BAE, KIM & LEE IP Consulting will connect your technology and management strategy with the current and potential markets by providing differentiated services on IP asset evaluation, commercialization of IP asset, transactional services of IP asset, and IP management. BAE, KIM & LEE IP Consulting, with the experience and knowledge of IP, familiarity of the market and know-how of IP transactions, will serve as a pathway to a great success.