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BAE, KIM & LEE IP offers “one-stop” IP services.

The BAE, KIM & LEE IP offers the full range of intellectual property services needed in doing business in Korea. Combining the Bae, Kim & Lee patent prosecution department with the intellectual property department and related practice groups of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP provides comprehensive IP skills and resources for various overseas as well as domestic clients. Our specialized attorneys, in close cooperation with supporting professionals, offer extensive expertise in IP prosecution, spanning all major fields of industrial technology, IP infringement and enforcement actions, consulting and licensing.

As one of the core areas of our long-established practice, we handle all of the various types of applications, registrations and related processes before the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). This includes patents, utility model, design and trademarks, but we also handle copyrights and plants variety. The tasks involved in IP applications, fundamental to any IP practice, are carried through in a meticulous and painstaking—but cost-effective—manner.

Beyond our IP prosecution services, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP offers unsurpassed litigation capabilities. We are regularly called on, at both trial and appellate levels, for litigations over KIPO’s decisions, and for litigation and administrative review of IP infringement claims (together with the related area of fair trade practices). It is our privilege to handle, at any given time, a variety of cases involving challenging and cutting edge issues of IP laws. In this regard, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP is proud to draw on the resources and traditions of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC—one of the largest litigation practice firms in Korea.

In addition to our strengths in litigation, we are pleased to offer expert strategic and transactional advices. With the experience of many specialists, we are able to effectively assist clients in technology transfer and licensing arrangements, and to advise on a wide array of objectives and concerns, such as issues that often accompany franchise agreements or arise in M&A deals and joint ventures. The professionals of IP consulting, in particular, work closely with clients to identify efficient ways to make the most of their IP, including technology evaluations and optimum terms of transfer.

Moreover, in areas frequently linked to IP matters, such as privacy, broadcasting and entertainment, and unfair trades, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP makes a team of attorneys and specialists (including other practice groups of Bae, Kim and Lee LLC) who can most effectively and expertly handle the issues and navigate the proceedings that may confront a business in Korea. For example, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP regularly represents foreign as well as domestic clients before the Korean Trade Commission, in investigative proceedings that could result in import suspensions.

In cooperation with Bae, Kim and Lee LCC (including offices in Beijing and Shanghai as well as Seoul) and close collaboration with leading overseas law firms, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP is proud to offer an integrated platform of IP-related legal capabilities, or “one-stop” IP services in Korea: We are ready to meet all the IP-related legal needs of our clients, ranging from patent and trademark applications to infringement prosecution or defense, from M&A deals to stand-alone licenses, from cross-border trading restrictions to the tax implications of technology transfer.

For all aspects of its work, the BAE, KIM & LEE IP maintains state-of-the-art data management systems and information processes. Case-specific updates are implemented as a matter of course, using the most efficient methods. We are pleased to provide our clients, both in Korea and overseas, with general and timely updates on important developments in IP laws and the related regulations in Korea, covering court cases as well as notable articles, statistics and academic papers. Samples can be found on our <IP Newsletter> page.