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BKL has been engaged in pro bono work since its inception and remains deeply committed to positive social change. To better serve the needs of indigent individuals and nonprofit organizations with limited access to legal services, BKL established its Pro Bono Committee in 2002 to expand our pro bono efforts. As a result, many of our attorneys actively participate in a variety of pro bono activities in diverse areas such as legal aid, policy reform, and legislative support. In 2009, BKL formed a nonprofit organization named the Dongcheon Public Interest Foundation to further increase the scope of our pro bono work and help our attorneys make a strong impact on our society and improve the lives of our pro bono clients.

LSR Report

You can download the latest LSR Report of BKL and Dongcheon.

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The following are examples of the type of pro bono work bkl attorneys perform on a regular basis:

  • Refugee Matters

    Our attorneys handle a variety of refugee advocacy matters, and work closely with refugee support centers to address a variety of issues related to refugee cases, including research related to refugee settlement in Korea.

  • Immigration

    BKL provides various forms of legal support for immigrants residing in Korea such as general legal counseling, enactment of immigrant-related legislation, and providing educational programs and handbooks.

  • North Korea

    BKL is responsible for a variety of legal aid projects aimed at assisting North Koreans to successfully integrate into South Korean society.  Our efforts include, among others, legal counseling, case support for individuals and public organizations, and financial aid to applicable non-government organizations.

  • Physically Challenged Persons, Women and Youth

    In cooperation with various human rights organizations, BKL attorneys advocate for the rights of physically challenged persons, women and youth and help such traditionally disenfranchised groups rectify matters of discrimination they may face. Our work involves not only individual legal support, but also activities in the area of legal and policy reform as well as education.

  • Social Enterprise

    We provide a wide array of pro bono services such as legal consultation for social enterprises and legal training for social entrepreneurs.

  • Social Economy

    Dongcheon Foundation and the BKL Social Economy Subcommittee provide various legal aid to social economy organizations that include providing legal consultations, improving legislative and institutional policies in the social economy sector, and publishing a social economy manual.

  • Our pro bono practice is the cornerstone of BKL’s long-standing commitment to social responsibility, and we are dedicated to offering pro bono opportunities to all our attorneys. To that end, we have a number of committees and divisions that are responsible for the different aspects of the overall pro bono program as well as to facilitate the program's growth and numerous activities, including comprehensive planning internally and coordination with other organizations. No matter is too complex or too small, and we are committed to doing all we can to support our attorneys in their pro bono efforts.

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